Tytułowy utwór z płyty ul. Zachodzącego Słońca ukazał się na składance redagowanej w całości przez legendarnego DJ 'a BBC Charlie Gillett'a prezentującej utwory z najciekawszych płyt całego świata. Składanki Gillett'a ukazujące się corocznie uważane są za jedno z najważniejszych wydarzeń muzycznych sezonu.

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 World 2006 to składanka przedstawiająca nagrania z kręgu szeroko pojętego "world music". Autorem kompilacji jest Charlie Gillett, wieloletni prezenter Radia BBC oraz wybitny specjalista w tej dziedzinie. Na dwóch płytach znajdziemy trzydzieści cztery utwory stanowiące komplementarny przegląd wszystkiego co najciekawsze zdarzyło się w "world music" w ciągu ostatnich lat. Utwory takich uznanych artystów jak duet Amadou & Mariam, Ali Farka Tour, Fanfare Ciocarlia, diva Bollywood Asha Bhosle, kwartet smyczkowy Kronos Quartet, Ry Cooder, czy Gipsy Kings sąsiadują tutaj z nagraniami takich jeszcze mało znanych, a wspaniałych, artystów jak francuski gitarzysta Titi Robin, argentyński bard Kevin Johansen, somalijski raper K'naan, japoński producent Blue Asia, śpiewająca wyłącznie po hiszpańsku czeszka Marta Topferowa, czy gwatemalski zespół Umalali. Na płycie nie brak również polskiego akcentu w postaci projektu Włodzimierza Kleszcza, który do wspólnego nagrania zaprosił poetę Bogdana Loebla, Mamadou Dioufa i Maję Kleszcz z Kapeli ze Wsi Warszawa


As usual, the selection was partly guided by reactions from listeners to one or other of my weekly radio shows, on BBC London and the World Service. But there are quite a few tracks that are simply personal favourites, including several by artists who made guest appearances on my show during the year.

As each year goes by, I add outstanding tracks to an Excel file named for the next annual collection, and when the time comes to put it together, there are usually about 40 contenders. Making dummy sequences eliminates one or two that just don’t seem to fit for one reason or another - this year, records with heavy bass drum didn’t feel right, so nothing made it from the Balkan Beat Box album.

If a track has appeared on another world music compilation, I usually choose a different song from the same artist. The album most likely to overlap with mine is the double CD compiled by Rita Ray from all the nominated artists for the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music. Rita sometimes chooses a track that had been on my previous compilation, but I make sure I don’t include any from hers. Ian Anderson at fRoots double-checks to make sure his free CD does not double up any of my choices, but it’s impossible to avoid duplication with the Top of the World CDs that accompany each issue of Songlines. I sometimes wonder at the policy of record labels in giving away prime tracks by their high profile artists to the very customers that might otherwise be expected to buy whole albums – or compilations like this one.

For the first time we have included pictures of some album covers in the sleeve note, identifying albums we strongly recommend. There are some cases where the track chosen is the only really good one on the artist’s album, but how can you say that in a kind way?

I look forward to comments/reviews posted in the forum.

CD One:

1 - Kevin Johansen + The Nada - La Falla de San Andres - Argentina/USA
2 - Think of One - Tirar Onda - Belgium/Brazil
3 - Gipsy Kings - Rhythmic - France
4 - Free Hole Negro - Caballeros Para El Monte - Cuba
5 - Fanfare Ciocarlia - Caravan - Romania
6 - Blue Asia - Dao Ruang Dao Roi - Japan/Thailand
7 - Oki - Iutaphonic Dub - Japan
8 - Nitin Sawhney - Dead Man - UK/India
9 - K'naan - Hoobaale - Somalia/Canada
10 - Salif Keita - Yambo - Mali
11 - Kronos Quartet + Asha Bhosle - You've Stolen My Heart - India/U.S.
12 - Sara Tavares - Balancê - Portugal/Cape Verde
13 - Isaar - Azul Claro - Brazil
14 - Ulla Pirttijärvi - Gadja Nilla - Finland
15 - Sofia Blanco - Nibari - Guatemala
16 - Amira Saqati - Sabra Dima - Morocco/Switzerland
17 - Tara Fuki - Okamzik - Czech Republic

CD Two:

1 - Amadou & Mariam - Djanfa - Mali
2 - Moussu T e lei jovents - Bolega Banjo - France
3 - Ry Cooder - Muy Fifi - USA
4 - Ali Farka Toure - Penda Yoro - Mali
5 - Souad Massi - Inspiration (Ilham) - Algeria
6 - Gal Costa - Voyeur - Brazil
7 - Kekele - Tubela - Congo
8 - Ljiljana Butler - Od Kako Sam Tudia Zena - Yugoslavia
9 - Leningrad - Kto Kogo - Russia
10 - Howe Gelb - Paradise Here Abouts - USA
11 - Marta Topferova - Semana Azul - Czech Rep/USA
12 - Bogdan Loebl - Ulica Zachodzacego Slonca (Sunset Street) - Poland
13 - Aïwa - Entronic - France/Iraq
14 - Titi Robin - Amantito - France
15 - Camille - Jolie Bruine - France
16 - Cheb I Sabbah (feat Cheba Zahouania) - Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit (Why Did I Follow Him?) -
17 - Noor - Akhian Ni Akhian - Pakistan

Charlie Gillett


Jun 2006

A fine two-disc assortment of flavours from the world music don. 2006 could be a significant date for world music in this country because, after many years of sterling service, Charlie Gillett is giving up his BBC London radio show. With it goes one of the UK's most inspired radio presenters, even though he will continue to do his BBC World Service slots as normal.

So it seems rather fitting that his latest compilation could also be one of his best. For a start there is an elegant flow of musical ideas from the beginning with Kevin Johansen's La Falla de San Andres right through to the Czech Republic's Tara Fuki on the first disc, and Mali's funky duo Amadou & Mariam through to Pakistan's Noor on the second.

Thrillingly filling in the spaces are true revelations such as Somalia's most gifted rapper K'naan and Russia's fiery nutty boys Leningrad. Other highlights include new French diva Camille and Franco-Iraqi combo Aïwa. -

HMV Choice

BBC Radio DJ Charlie Gillett presents this fantastic selection of the best music from around the world with some of the biggest and best names on the world music scene. Includes tracks from superstars such as the late, great Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure. Algeria’s finest Souad Massi and the acclaimed duo Amadou & Mariam.

Also features rising stars such as French singer Camille, who has previously worked with Nouvelle Vague, oud player Titi Robin and the superb Somalian rapper K’naan.

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34 artists from 27 countries, the follow up to 'sound of the world', charlie gillett's 'world 2006' takes us to all the corners of the musical world, with some of the greatest names in world music, such as the late malian guitarist ali farka toure, amadou and mariam, bollywood diva asha bhosle's acclaimed collaboration with the kronos quartet, french nouvelle vague singer / songwriter camille, brazilian tropicalia singer gal costa, bbc world music awards 2006 winners romanian gypsy brass band fanfare ciocarlia, algerian singer souad massi, french rumba giants the gipsy kings and ry cooder himself. brilliant lesser known musicians and newcomers abound too, like french guitarist and oud player titi robin, argentinian outfit kevin johansen and the nada, somalian rapper kanaan, japanese producer blue asia, and many more.

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